Orders :: Long Business Forms & Graphic Communications

Uploading Your Files:


  • Have you produced and carefully examined current printed proofs, both separated and

  • Please include all the linked files, images, and fonts. Missing files will delay your project. 

  • Please delete unnecessary elements (text boxes, picture boxes, etc.) that might
    be hanging around the fringes of your document.

  • Please converted RGB images to CMYK.

Emailing Files:

Place all graphics, fonts, and files in one folder and label appropriately. Compress your file using Zip compression. Fonts sent electronically can corrupt if they are not compressed. If your files are over 5 Mb, we recommend using FTP to transfer files. You can send files under 5Mb to uploads@longbusinessforms.com


When transferring large digital documents over 5 Mb, please use our FTP system. Please contact us to receive FTP login information.




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